PGP Key Signature Record for key 2F33F144

The uids highlighted below were signed by my key (59B2D9A0) with the following extra details available here.

  • Signature Type: 0x13
  • Signature Reason: I have known Perry as a friend for 4 years and have worked with him on a daily basis, during this time I have had numerous opportunities to verify Perry’s photo ID.
pub   1024D/2F33F144 2000-09-23
Key fingerprint = 0A5F E3C9 8CF7 7FB7 378D  3C1C 7008 11A7 2F33 F144
uid                  Perry Lorier <>
uid                  Isomer on Undernet <>
uid                  Perry Lorier (Local network) <perry@coders.tla>
sub   1024g/A374CB37 2000-09-23